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Khalid Hammad Al-Dolemi

Expert in Treatments of Hernia and stubborn muscles

Hi, I am Khaled Hammad al-Dolemi. I started my life early by playing karate as a player and I became a coach. This sport has gained me experience in muscle composition after I was very curious and amazed about how to treat it through the Arab medical sciences which is one of the oldest and best science in the world, (also which my grandfathers have inherited).

My experience has proved to be a successful part of this science after its development when I had the real opportunity in 2001 from a position that I got (I may refer to it in the future)! After going into its intricate details for more than seventeen years, I finally came to the conclusion of the most important and most common symptoms of human injury, which is the DSC in all its stages and forms and its names. Thanks to Allah, I have come to treat it without surgical intervention and in a record time, which is happier for many who have suffered.

If you still have questions after visiting my site, please contact me.

Important Tip: All patients should be monitored and examined for safety of the heart before starting treatment.

It is possible to treat the following diseases, according to the will of God, without surgical intervention and in a very short time.

  • 1- The treatment of the nerve, although one has undergone surgery.
  • 2- Headache treatment of the most nervous cramps.
  • 3- Treatment of all types of neck pains.
  • 4- Pain treatment of shoulders and arms.
  • 5- Treating or relieving the snoring problem.
  • 6- Treatment of tingling feet or hands if there is no heart trouble.
  • 7- Treatment of deforming back.
  • 8- Pain treatment of the knees if there is no problem with the knees bones.